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Sorey stretched as he walked through the store. He had just been paid and he really needed to buy some clothes. His were so worn out and sad looking that his friends absolute INSISTED that he buy new ones as soon as possible. Especially Lailah.

He had picked a few shirts, pants, as well a pack of underwear when he heard shouting nearby? He looked over and saw what appeared to be a customer yelling at a poor worker.

The man was complaining how his normal size didn't fit him and going on and on about how it was an outrage.

It was an outlet store though? What did this man expect? Normally outlet stores carried clothes that were defective or were severely overstocked by other stores and they sell them for discounted prices.

He frowned as he saw the man throw the shirt down and stomp off.

Sorey went over to the worker, bending down to pick up the shirt at the same time as him. He smiled a little when their eyes met. "Here you go" he offered, holding it out to him. "Are you okay? That guy shouldn't have overreacted like that, especially when it wasn't your fault"

Date: 2016-07-07 04:47 am (UTC)
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he'd gotten yelled at, again. it was really nothing new, but the dramatic flair of throwing an item was rather unexpected.

what was new was another customer in the store offering him help.

he was a little caught off guard by the sincerity of the other boy's smile as the shirt that had been thrown on the floor was handed back to him. it was... nice.

it takes him a moment to realize he's staring like an idiot, grasping at bits and pieces that some people still have the ability to be kind to cashiers.

"i'm fine," he says, hoping he doesn't sound short. he's still a little irritated. "it happens, more than you'd think."

he moves back to the counter to fold the shirt to put back up on the display, before turning and offering a tiny smile of his own. "thank you. for asking."

Date: 2016-09-21 05:35 am (UTC)
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mikleo had expected that to be the last of it, but the other boy speaks again.

well, talking with him was certainly a significant improvement from talking with the usual grumpy customer.

he considers the question. a month or so surely still counted as 'new.' "relatively new, i suppose." a thoughtful tilt of his head. "to the whole area, not just the store." it hadn't been too much longer than that that he'd moved from up north. it was hard to say he didn't miss it so far.

was this boy a regular? getting a better look at him, he was handsome. mikleo turns his eyes back to folding the display before he becomes visibly flustered.

Date: 2016-09-22 06:38 am (UTC)
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wouldn't so easily forget-? what did that mean- mikleo tries to busy himself with explaining his hometown instead of, probably, over analyzing it.

"it was less of a big city like this, more of a small town. i'd never seen a skyscraper before..."

mikleo felt embarrassed. he wasn't used to dealing with people, let alone a stranger who was interested in talking with him. back home, everyone already knew each other. he tried not to feel homesick.

it was true that he hasn't been to the aquarium- in fact he'd never been to an aquarium at all. this boy was friendly, and easy enough to talk to... his bright energy made mikleo feel a bit less anxious. he'd rather not be completely alone in a brand new city.

"i'd...yeah, that would be nice." his face felt warm. "thanks-" he realized then that he didn't even know his name yet. "what can i call you?"

Date: 2016-09-23 05:52 am (UTC)
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an adventure- that piqued his interests. back home there was plenty to explore, from abandoned homes to old train tracks. it was always exciting.

mikleo was still feeling a little shy, but it was beginning to sound like a lot of fun. he swallowed down his nerves and offered the other boy a small smile. "when you put it that way, how can i refuse?"

sorey, mikleo said the name aloud in his head, thinking it suited him. it was a nice name, it felt warm, kind of like the sort of person sorey seemed to be. he suddenly felt very lucky that that customer had been rude to him earlier- would he have gotten to meet sorey like this if they hadn't been?

"it's nice to meet you, sorey," mikleo said, and saying sorey's name out loud felt just as warm. "you can call me mikleo."


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